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Video surveillance protects your company and your employees. In 2010, on average, 10 cameras were installed in a commercial setting, and the average total cost for a video surveillance installation was $13,280, according to the Security Sales and Integration website. The importance of video camera surveillance in the workplace often justifies the cost.

Protect the Company
You need to protect your facility from criminals who vandalize or steal company property, inside and outside. Using video surveillance will help assist the police in their investigations and help lead to catching the perp. Sadly, you may also experience employee theft. Having cameras in the facility acts as a crime deterrent. Seeing surveillance cameras in place, inside and outside your facility will always discourage criminal activity.

Protect the Employees
You love your hard working employees and you want to protect them just as much as your facility. You can set up video cameras in your company parking lot(s), outside the building and inside the building to record criminal activity. By doing this you help deter theft in company cars, help employees walk to cars safely, records employee abuse or harassment towards other employees, and help deter in-house theft or suspicious activity.

If it’s become an issue, it can help improve office productivity. You can monitor employee’s job performance and help employees determine where there is a need for improvement. It can also be used to review company equipment. You can monitor it’s shape, if it could be used in a more productive manor or if it is being used in an unsafe manner. This helps your managers and supervisors be more than one place at a time, without hiring additional personnel.

Customer Records
This adds a bonus to your customer satisfaction stats. By being able to record customer activity, you do not have to rely on the he-said she-said method. You can refer to past video records to determine if customer claims are true or not. Video surveillance can clarify those customer and store employee transactions. This ads less stress to stressful situations for your employees and for customers.

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